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Critique Night Image Scores
Digital Images Scores from TCCC monthly competitions
Golden Horseshoe Competitions
The Golden Horseshoe Trophy is awarded to the club with the highest combined score of 20 digital images projected and judged at the Annual NFRCC spring convention. The top 25% of images in this competition are awarded an Honorable Mention. awards.
GTCCC/NFRCC Regional Competitions
An annual competition held between the Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs and the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs
Image of the Year Competition
Image of the Year Competitions
Last club competition of the year scored by three judges. Only images previously judged during the club year qualify.
McKellar Competitions
The McKellar Competitions are held four times each year. This open competition of six images per member club is judged anonymously by an panel of three judges. The top 25% of images in each competition receive Honorable Mention awards. The scores from each competition are combined for a total score. At the annual conference, the club with the the highest total score is awarded the McKellar Trophy.
Rainbow Competitions
Results of a yearly competition between the Niagara Falls Camera Club and the Twin Cities Camera Club



Tips For Photographing Fireworks
Author: Sharon Gurbacki

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